Mission and Vision of Gosa Institute



The Institute Goša attains its mission by a maximum effort of its top management, expert teams and all those engaged in the tasks of the research, development and providing the core activity services, in order to fulfill the users’ expectations and to meet the needs of the services users and other parties interested in the same.

The Institute Goša is a scientific-research organization dealing with the scientific-research, development, educational and applicable work in the field of the technical, technological and natural sciences.

With its personnel potential, equipment and technical means available to it, maximum efforts of the professional multidisciplinary and flexible teams, the Institute Goša has the capacity to provide the services in the domain of its activities.

For that reason the Institute Goša permanently involves itself in the improvement of the knowledge and skills of its personnel as well as in the development and improvement of the existing technologies and equipment along with a continuous cooperation with the Ministries and other scientific-research institutions, faculties and economy.


The vision of the Institute Gosa is,


To attain its vision, the Strategy of the Institute Goša d.o.o. has been based upon: